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Get clear on who you're talking to

ideal client Oct 10, 2020


If I hear one more person say they hep busy moms, Imma scream. What mom isn't busy?  Why are they busy? A corporate workaholic mom is VERY different than the soccer mom who is carting her kids to practice, scouts, violin, etc. etc. Can your product or service help the two different women?  Probably.  But first, we need to connect with them to build that know, like, trust, and then the sale. 

 To help you see if you're rocking it or if you need a little help, I want you to do the following exercise.

1. Who you do you love helping (get specific).

2. Where does your ideal client/customer hang out in person and virtually (is it Facebook groups, instagram, Pinterest, a coffee shop)?  List it all

3. What kind of words does your ideal client use? How do they talk? 

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