Announcing a Strategic Partnership with Interact Quiz Maker

interact quizzes Sep 15, 2020

I am super excited to announce that I have been invited to be a strategic partner and Certified Consultant with Interact quiz maker, the world's best quiz platform*.

I truly believe that quizzes can help entrepreneurs attract their dream clients and create the impact + income they deserve.  The reason why?  They provide immediate value, look polished, and are interactive.  Quizzes also tend to convert emails at a much higher rate than a traditional lead magnet.  

There's also magic in quizzes that you can hardly get anywhere! That might not sound magical on the surface, but imagine learning about your ideal clients and then creating podcast episodes, social media content, or even offers that offers them the transformation they want and need.  Learning more about your ideal client? Yes, please! 🙋🏻‍♀️

Okay, so the world's best* statement might be my opinion, but I believe it's true.  I've only been recommending Interact because it's intuitive, the set up is easy, and it's a good value. I've tried other quiz platforms on the market and I kept going back to Interact. 

I believe that entrepreneurs of all sizes can benefit from quizzes to create the community, the income, & the impact they want.  If you want to chat more about whether a quiz is right for you, shoot me a DM on IG or email hello @ emilykund dot com.  





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