Choosing Podcast Artwork

podcast Dec 29, 2020

Here's the TL; DR (too long, didn't read)

  • Poll your ideal audience to get their perspective 
  • Consider what colors, fonts, pictures would resonate with your ideal audience (and not your cousin Joe if he's not your ideal audience).
  • How does the artwork make YOU feel?  While the podcast is for others, it is yours and you need to feel good about it.  
  • Test your image to see what it looks like on different podcast players.


One of the most fun and important decisions about starting a podcast is to choose the artwork.  Before I jumped into Canva and decided to try my hand at creating something, I actually looked at podcast in the business/entrepreneurship category, as new and noteworthy, and people whom I know who have successful podcasts to see if I could find any commonalities between all three.  That investigator enneagram 5 was in her glory!!  What I found is that there didn't see many commonalities; the only commonality is that the text was easy to read and when they used pictures of themselves, they were mainly half-body shots.  

So  I jumped into Canva and came up with three ideas that I floated out to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Facebook was split between two, Twitter was skewed to the more professional podcast, and Instagram was a mixed bag.  

So here's what I did to help me choose.  I looked at who I was asking?  If I really wanted to do this right, I would have weighted each person's response (like: ideal audience- 1 point, not my ideal audience - .5 points). While I didn't assign values to each response, I did look at who was my ideal audience and what did they say.  

From this initial set of pictures, I already knew I wanted to change the font. While I loved having the handwritten font for emphasis on Entry-level, the weight of that font (moontime), wasn't heavy enough. 

I also had feedback to make me more of a headshot, so I did.  While I personally loved the blue and orange, it seemed like the fan favorites were the bubbles and the teal.  

So then I asked my VA who is amazing at these type of things to see if I could have teal bubbles, instead of the rainbow bubbles. She gave me a few options and I narrowed it down to these two options. 

When I posted this on Twitter and in a Facebook group that is made up of my ideal audience, it was SUPER interesting how the results were almost the exact opposite.  Twitter liked the professional one, the FB group liked the bubble one.  

But here's the VERY interesting thing.  Every time I heard professional, it felt like I was being dragged back to public sector days. Here's what I know.  You can have fun and be professional.  And my ideal audience was probably an 8 or 9 out of 10 for the bubbles because it felt fun and inspiring.  And when hosting a podcast for entry-level entrepreneurs, isn't that a big part of it?  As an entrepreneur, there's gonna be a lot of crap days, but in my humble opinion, you should strive for having fun in your business. I want these listeners to feel inspired like they can actually build a successful business (however they define success).  

Here's the other thing that I did.  I tested the images on Only Pod and used that information to help me make a decision.  

I also received one piece of advice to lighten up the background on the bubbles image, which I did (so that I could have more contrast thereby making it easier to read).  

And here's the final product in terms of cover art. 

So now I'm building out the different assets (social media quotes, guest headshots, story quotes, story guest headshots with this background (which I dropped the opacity/increased the transparency to 67%). 

And this is probably the most important part.  If it's "wrong", then I can change it.  The beautiful thing is that I have a great back up cover.  And, this isn't going to make or break me.  It might make things a little more challenging, but this podcast and the art, isn't life or death.  

So I've got my reason, my name, and my artwork pretty well in hand. Next up, I'll share my checklist for the podcast, where I'm at, and what investments I've made so far.

I hope this was helpful if you're contemplating artwork for your podcast. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out on social media @emilykund. 

And sharing is caring...share this blogpost so others can learn.

PS: This post contains an affiliate link.  It doesn't cost you anything but it helps support the podcast.  

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