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In this episode, you'll learn my secret hacks for increasing confidence from Amy Cudy's Wonder Woman pose to wearing lipstick or undies to help boost confidence.

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If you feel salesy, you need to listen to my good friend, Jillian Murphy. Jill's has over 20 years of sales experience and is a sales coach for entrepreneurs. Listen in as Jill shares golden nuggets on sales.

You can connect with Jill on Instagram at @jillianmmurphy and or by texting her at: 1-586-788-1509 (text rates may apply).

Increasing prices can be scary, but sometimes it just needs to be done. In this episode, I talk about how I doubled (and actually tripled) my price and have sold more. If you're struggling with pricing your services, you'll want to listen to this episode.

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You will be on fire after this episode with Confidence and Success Coach, Christina Lecuyer.

Christina's passion for helping others, her belief in herself, makes her unshakeable.

Listen in to hear it for yourself. If you're having confidence issues, then you'll want to listen closely to how Christina shows up.

In this episode, I talk about getting a knock to your confidence and how to get back up; an essential life skill for an entrepreneur.

Imagine your ideal client telling you, I don't get what you're doing. Ouch! Listen in to that story and others in this episode.

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Listen up as Kyle Depiesse and I break down the dance of investing in yourself and your business and not putting yourself in a mountain of debt.  Kyle should know, he eliminated almost $400K of debt! 馃く 

Courses are a great way to learn, but without accountability and support, they can be a resource suck.  In this episode, I talk about the dark side of courses, so grab your cup and listen up. 

To sum up this episode in one sentence; passion alone won't build a successful business.  It feels and sounds a little jaded but here's the thing; your passion has to solve a problem.  

Listen in as I rage against the machine on one of my biggest pet peeves!

Why even start a podcast? Aren't there a bajillion of them out there? In this episode, I share why it's important for *this* podcast to be out there. Building community and helping others is important.

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